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Cargo Connections Hold Meet our New Members Video Session

28th January 2021

Cargo Connections Hold Meet our New Members Video Session
Cargo Connections Hold Meet our New Members Video Session

Cargo Connections has recently held a Meet our New Members video session, where each featured company had 5-minutes to introduce themselves.

CC President/C.E.O. Rachel Crawford said "We hope that today’s video session will help to accelerate business relations as 'seeing' who you are talking to allows for more engaging conversations than telephone calls or emails."

The speakers in order of appearance:

  • David Wu, CYTS-Spirit Logistics Limited HONG KONG
  • Dmitriy Balaban, Alphatrans UKRAINE
  • Gamini Gunaratne, Cargo Overseas SRI LANKA
  • Shebil, Vision Shipping DUBAI
  • Francis Kimalel, Rapid Kate KENYA
  • Chetan Kapur, Shippify Cargo INDIA
  • Steffen Loebert, CS4 Logistics Gmbh GERMANY
  • Uttam Singhal, US Transworld Logistics INDIA

Rachel added "The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies across the world to navigate a delicate balance of protecting the health and safety of their staff while continuing business operations. As we enter 2021 it has become clear that the workplace impact of 2020 would not be a temporary one, and that we all need to adapt and change how we work to stay competitive and to ensure business continuity. We feel it is essential that we support our Members and create useful tools to enable their business to not only survive but thrive while working remotely. So … in the next week we will be making an announcement on an exciting new membership feature for you …. watch this space."

A recording of the video session is available in the Members Area for those who were unable to participate due to varying time zones.