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Membership Rules & Code of Conduct

  1. Cargo Connections members must be privately owned companies, partnerships or corporations, who have the capacity and experience to handle full freight forwarding services.
  2. Members may only represent areas where the office is wholly owned or operated by them, and not just an ‘address’ for cargo handling.
  3. Members may not promote offices in countries where they do not have official representation.
  4. The Application Procedure may be reviewed or modified at any time by Cargo Connections Management.
  5. The Annual Membership Fee, which covers one calendar year is payable by each member in accordance with the deadline illustrated on their invoice. In the event that payment is not received on the date given, a GB £50 supplement will be applied. If full payment (inclusive of the supplement) is not then received after 14 days, the member will automatically be excluded.
  6. The Annual Membership Fee may be increased at any time during the year. However, the increase shall not exceed 10% once per year (not including reduced or promotional fees).
  7. A company shall cease to be a member of Cargo Connections if: - the member gives notice of resignation in writing to the Cargo Connections Head Office (fees will not be refunded), or: - the Cargo Connections Management considers that the member is not able to fully perform all the functions and operations required to satisfy other members, or: - that they consider that the member has falsely claimed the services, which they are unable to perform, or: - the Member does not adhere to Cargo Connections Membership Rules.
  8. All new members are subject to a probationary period of 12 months in order to assess their commitment to Cargo Connections.
  9. Members accept and understand that all transactions are undertaken at their own risk and judgment and that, under no circumstances, can Cargo Connections be held responsible.
  10. Members pledge a standard of competence to their Cargo Connections partners - to perform all services undertaken on the client's behalf in a conscientious, diligent and professional manner.
  11. Members pledge to hold all information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and the affairs of Cargo Connections partners in strict confidence. No such information is to be released unless authorised by the client, or required by law.
  12. Members are to communicate efficiently and promptly (within a maximum of 24 hours) with their fellow members.
  13. Payments between members must not exceed 30 days from the end of the monthly statement. Alternative payment terms must be agreed mutually between both relevant members, prior to acceptance of the consignment.
  14. If a member defaults on Rule 13, Cargo Connections Management reserves the right to place the member on ‘Default Alert’ and notify all members via the Cargo Connections Mailing List.
  15. All payments must be made in the currency that is marked as payable on the invoice.
  16. Members must accept their own bank charges.
  17. Members must instruct their Accounts Department to produce Monthly Statements.
  18. The Cargo Connections Management cannot be held responsible in case of commercial and/or financial obligations that are not met by (a) Cargo Connections member(s).
  19. Members must have internet access and e-mail capability and must be fully protected by anti-virus software.
  20. Each member must attend the Annual Assembly. One year’s grace will be given. However, failure to attend two consecutive Annual Assembly's may result in expulsion (at the discretion of Cargo Connections Management).
  21. Participation in the Annual Quality Control Survey is mandatory and your submission must be provided to Cargo Connections Management within the date assigned and the guidelines provided.
  22. By submitting company news, photos, logos or press releases to Cargo Connections Management, implicit permission is automatically given for the Cargo Connections Management to use the material in group promotion, websites and newsletters.
  23. Members agree to add the Cargo Connections Management logo (and hyperlink) to the homepage of their own company website.
  24. Cargo Connections members are obliged to offer all new business to their fellow partners for quoting and must actively support their fellow members to generate new business.
  25. Governing Law: The Membership Rules, your use of the website and any other information are governed by the Laws of England. By using you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. - You irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with the Membership Rules, your use of the website and any other information.