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Membership Benefits

Based in the UK, Cargo Connections was formed in the summer of 2014 by Rachel Humphrey, almost 15 years after starting her first company Universal Freight Organisation (est. 2000) and then Project Cargo Network (est. 2010).

Today, we are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified general cargo network offering Restricted Representation, which means we will not recruit more than 3 Members in each country with the exception of Australia (5), Brazil (5), Canada (5), China (10), India (10), Turkey (5), UAE (5) and USA (10). Cargo Connections offers many innovative membership benefits as details on this page.

Please feel free to watch our Company Video and download our FAQ Brochure

Marketing Websites & Brochures

We provide each Member with a customised Marketing Website, created in a collapsing responsive design so that they scale on mobile devices. The websites support our Member's marketing efforts and showcases their services online and can be used on sales calls and at meetings. Each Members is provided with their unique URL upon joining. In addition, our customised Marketing Brochure is an effective marketing aid, designed with the aim of raising our Member's profile within their local marketplace.

Membership Benefits

Access to Members Area

Our password-protected Members Area provides easy navigation to a large database of information and direct access to our in-house systems including our Money Monitor and Meeting Manager. Our Library contains links to useful information leaflets and brochures as well our downloadable Membership Directory (MS Excel format), World Maps, Group Photos, Email Badges and more. An interactive World Map enables users to click on a continent to locate Members, or simply use our pull-down A-Z lists and search via country or company name. Our Company Profile section doesn’t just list contact details, it also provides their latest news, out of hours phone numbers, direct Skype messaging, staff photos, details of inter-trade and more.

Comprehensive News Service

As our network is predominantly about acquiring, building and maintaining business relationships, we offer our Members a comprehensive news service. The Network News section of our website is viewed by a growing number of visitors every month, providing great promotion for our Members. Each article appears automatically on the newsfeed on our Smartphone Service and published in our Digital Newsletter and on Twitter and LinkedIn. News articles related to each company are also linked on their profile page in our Members Area and their Marketing Website as well as distributed to our Press List and often get published in the industry media.

Online Training

One of the challenges in our industry is the lack of training and staff development, especially with new and young staff members. Practical ‘on the job’ experience needs to be paired with theoretical knowledge, as this leads to a deeper understanding. However, training courses and workshops are often expensive and involve travel and time away from the office. We are delighted to provide our own eLearning Platform. Each user receives a personal log-in so they can train at their own pace (with no deadline) and can track their advancement through each module via a progress bar. The first 6-module program is Heavy Transport which covers industry terminology, dimensions, weights and forces, heavy transport, heavy lifting, jacking, skidding and loadouts. View online brochure.

Membership Benefits

Digital Newsletter

Cargo Connections distributes a quarterly Digital Newsletter with each issue featuring articles on Member’s projects, new staff, changes in customs procedures, the latest companies to join, reminders of membership tools, official updates, etc. Combined with the Latest News section of our website, we offer our Members pro-active management and up-to-date information. Subscribe now and a link to each digital issue will be delivered to your inbox every 3 months.

Smartphone Service

We want our Members to have a great experience with our website, whether on a large screen or on their mobile devices. Therefore, we provide a Smartphone Service where the contact details of all Members can be found quickly. The newsfeed features our latest articles and not only provides excellent promotion but also enables users to keep up-to-date with their overseas partners. The micro site is for use by Members only and details are provided upon joining.

Membership Benefits

Access to Secure Mailing List

Upon joining, you will have the opportunity to distribute your company press releases and news via our protected Mailing List. The system is fully monitored and chosen in order to provide Members with a safe and secure system of communicating without outside interference or advertising.

Automated Quote Systems

Due to our continued efforts with search engine optimisation and collaborations with industry exhibitions, we aim to drive new business and customers to our Members. Our website is often visited by importers and exporters looking for quotes. All leads received from our Quote Request facility are forwarded directly to our Members.

Money Monitor

Healthy cash flow within our network is essential. Cargo Connections management consulted both specialist lawyers and insurance companies to investigate the best options in which to financially protect our Members, including bond systems and group liability insurance programs. The outcome is that they can in fact be highly illegal, have complicated tax implications but more importantly, be open to fraud. Therefore, we provide Members access to our online Money Monitor system, which sends out a ‘Statement of Accounts’ every 2 weeks with details of any outstanding invoices due to fellow Members so that prompt payments are made.

Membership Benefits

Full-time Network Support

Cargo Connections offer full time pro-active management from a team that has combined experience of 40+ years in managing and developing freight forwarder networks. Our aims are to increase inter-trade, recruit excellent companies, continually monitor the quality of our membership and to raise the profile of Cargo Connections within the industry. See our team.

Quality Control

We continually monitor the quality of service provided by our Members to ensure that we have recruited the right companies, who perform in a conscientious, diligent and professional manner. Our annual Quality Control Survey asks for our Members’ opinion on the level of service that their fellow overseas partners are providing. Poor performance will not be tolerated within the network and we expect all Members to work “within the spirit of Cargo Connections”

  • Respond to emails within 24 hours
  • Pay invoices on time
  • Communicate if things go wrong
  • Give fellow Members the opportunity to quote on new business
  • Attend our Annual Assembly

Free Listing on Freightbook

Upon joining, you will also receive a free listing on the online directory Freightbook. Over 1200 freight forwarders from more than 140 countries use Freightbook to promote their company services on a global scale. You would receive instant inclusion in the online database, your own profile page including display of your company logo (view example), Quote Request leads to your email (approved by Freightbook staff to avoid spam) and your contact details will be listed in the FB Index, sent monthly to all advertisers.

Please feel free to download our FAQ Brochure

Membership Benefits

How to Apply

Click here to see if we have a vacancy in your country and then complete our Application Form.

For most countries, we will only accept a maximum of 3 Members who simply pay an Annual Fee dependent on location with a one-off Joining Fee on approval of membership.

The first 150 companies who successfully apply will be able to take advantage of our current campaign, which will secure them membership for 2 years instead of 1.