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Milestone Logistics in Spain Leads an Alliance to Offer Full Services in the Supply Chain

19th June 2017

Milestone Logistics in Spain Leads an Alliance to Offer Full Services in the Supply Chain
Milestone Logistics in Spain Leads an Alliance to Offer Full Services in the Supply Chain

Milestone Logistics in Spain are pleased to announce they are leading an alliance with four other companies to offer full services in the supply chain. The '360 Alliance', which offers logistics consulting services, international transport, warehouse logistics and packaging solutions, is led by Milestone Logistics and includes Gesprolog, Aza Logistics, Alfilpack and Mulem. The group, which has an aggregate turnover of €17.5 million and a total of 112 employees, is the first Spanish collaborative logistics alliance created to offer this type of service.

The alliance's objective is the provision of logistics services in a collaborative way among the member companies with total transparency between them. This is the first collaborative logistics alliance involving 4 different phases of the supply chain - packaging, storage, international transport and logistics consulting.

The group brings the competitive advantage of the know-how and expertise of each of the four companies with Milestone as the single key contact. In addition, the alliance has a high degree of innovation within each of the sectors.

  • In logistics consulting, the goal of the 360 partnership is to act on the key processes of the logistics business to eliminate extra costs and help clients create more efficient and sustainable organisations. From this service, the rationalisation of logistics and production processes is achieved.
  • For international transportation, the alliance has more than 25 years of experience. The constant update of new technologies has led us to incorporate an ERP system that is connected to major ports, shipping lines and airports, as well as customs systems.
  • Regarding warehouse logistics services, the alliance will manage outsourced logistics and carry out, from the reception of the goods, its identification and storage control and many kinds of value-added services.
  • In packaging solutions, the 360 logistics alliance will use a multi-material packaging approach, depending on the requirements of each customer, adapting it to each of its supply chains. In addition to using the latest 2 and 3D technologies, pre-visualization and prototyping tools, adjusted with JIT and Kanban programs.

The spokesman of the alliance and General Manager of Milestone Logistics, Santiago Fernández says; "In the very competitive logistics world, this alliance is a way to retain customers beyond cost due to the range of services and the specialisation that we will able to offer and how we will operate. The reason for this logistics alliance, and the basis of it, is the full cooperation and total transparency between the companies that form it. It also has the added value of acting as a single brand offering every step of the supply chain covering all the potential customer's needs".

Milestone Logistics was created in 2013 by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in logistics and transportation. Their main headquarters are in the city of Valencia, although they offer a presence in all the main ports and airports of the country with physical offices in Madrid and Palencia. They have been Cargo Connections members in Spain since February 2015.

The photo above features (from left to right); Pablo Lluch (Alfilpack), David Olmos (Milestone Logistics), Nacho Pascual (Gesprolog), Vicente Soriano (Mulem) and Germán Monedero (Aza Logistics).