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Milestone Integrates a DG Approved Packaging Service through Alfilpack

18th October 2017

Milestone Integrates a DG Approved Packaging Service through Alfilpack
Milestone Integrates a DG Approved Packaging Service through Alfilpack

Members in Spain, Milestone Logistics, through Alfilpack Packaging Engineering and the 360 Alliance, are pleased to announce the integration of a new packaging service approved for dangerous goods.

Alfilpack have 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of this kind of packaging with more than 60 packaging licenses for dangerous goods. They work in sectors such as the pyrotechnic industry and explosives and also hold certifications in the fields of chemical and bio-sanitary industries. However, the pyrotechnic industry, which fills 50% of national exports from the Valencian Community to countries like the USA, UAE and Japan, is the main user of this type of packaging. According to data from the Spanish Association of Fireworks Manufacturers (AFAPE), Spain is the seventh world exporter of pyrotechnic material and during the period of Fallas parties, the Valencian Community only reached a volume equivalent to sales of 700 million Euros.

As this is the sector that most demands this type of packaging and in which the company have many customers, Alfilpack have established themselves as one of the leading companies in the production and marketing of the approved packaging for dangerous goods in a complex market carefully regulated by the restrictive legislation that governs it.

From now on, Alfilpack will be able to transfer the new integrated service to Milestone Logistics and the 360 Alliance, created to offer full services in the supply chain from strategic consulting, packaging solutions, international transport and warehouse operations.

"The uniqueness of this type of packaging lies in the necessary prior accreditation that must be obtained from outside laboratories. These determine if the container can be susceptible to cause damage to the operators or the medium to which it relates. Therefore, the company must condition the packaging to fit the product to be transported by a combined system of outer packaging, carton and primary packaging. The exterior clearly indicates the type of merchandise being transported and its level of risk as if these requirements are not strictly adhered to or if there is a mistake in the labelling, it can mean the refusal of the merchandise during logistics. This can lead to high economic losses."

Vicente TarĂ­n, who oversees approved packaging for dangerous goods at Alfilpack, explains; "To have a supplier of agile and efficient approved packaging is vital at the moment. Guaranteeing the shipment of goods classified as dangerous is a critical factor of the manufacturers of this type of products, avoiding, for example, the costs associated with the retention of goods for not complying with the corresponding safety requirements".

Milestone 360
Alfilpack is part of Milestone 360, which integrates all the services of the logistics chain led by Milestone Logistics. Its objective is to bring 'logistics 4.0' to its suppliers and, through a unique interlocutor, to offer a catalogue of services covering the entire supply chain. Milestone Logistics, Alfilpack, Gesprolog and Mulem form the alliance that offers logistics services, packaging solutions, international transport and warehouse operations.

Milestone 360, through their engineering service, offers packaging solutions, just-in-time, in-house and a full service supply for different sectors such as the food, chemical and photovoltaic industries. With their wide experience and know-how in the sector, this division of the alliance offers an integral and quality service for any companies needing to outsource the packaging and logistics of their products.