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Globo Distribuidora with Challenging Project in Mozambique

10th June 2016

Globo Distribuidora with Challenging Project in Mozambique
Globo Distribuidora with Challenging Project in Mozambique

Globo Distribuidora (Cargo Connections members in Mozambique) are pleased to share the details of a big ongoing project they are currently handling in Maputo.

Earlier this week, Globo Distribuidora loaded several heavy machines at Maputo Port and transported them to the Corrumane Dam (a distance of 115km) where a Belgian company, Denys Engineers & Contractors BV, is building a water supply pipeline for the Greater Maputo Area. The work on the pipeline will start immediately and take around 6 months to build. Once complete, it will reach 93kms long.

Some of the heavy machines are photographed in the below thumbnail gallery. One machine, the 'Trencher GW' weighed 70tns and Globo Distribuidora faced a particular challenge to pass over a metal bridge near the final destination of the dam site (also photographed below). João Chiboleca (Managing Director) explains; "In order to cross the bridge, we had to offload the Trencher GW from the trailer to reduce the weight and meet the metal bridge's limitations. We then had to use another truck crane to uplift the low-bed trailer after the machine was loaded again at the other side. This was also made difficult due to the poor terrain in the area."

Despite the challenges faced, a well done job completed safely and successfully with a smooth delivery! If any members have any requirements in Mozambique, Globo Distribuidora have the experience and capabilities to execute any job.