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Milestone & Kronoz Develop Automated Tank Washing Center

16th November 2017

Milestone & Kronoz Develop Automated Tank Washing Center
Milestone & Kronoz Develop Automated Tank Washing Center

Milestone Logistics (members in Spain), through Kronoz Internacional (members in Mexico and the USA), have developed an automated tank washing center in the port of Veracruz with the maximum guarantees, traceability and food grade controls for the export of juice by sea.

"This development has saved economic and time costs when making these transfers that were previously made by land and has put us among the market leaders in the export of citrus juices to the USA with 2,500 tanks and a total of 60 million litres of this beverage annually in the country.

The development of the tank washing center has been carried out together with Odyssey and DA Hinohosa and guarantees the highest standards of quality and traceability of the product. It has the required standards for the commercialisation of foods in the USA according to the Federal Law of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (FDCA) establishing the application of BPMs.

In the center, four types of washing are carried out depending on the liquid and the situation of the isotank. These four types are for loads of the same product, for different products between loads, for oily products and for food grade for previous loads of allergenic products.

The traceability and quality of these processes are also supported by two demanding certifications, meeting specifications required by the JPA (Juice Products Association) for food grade washing and KOSHER accreditation. The latter guarantees the quality of the food and that some food groups have not come together with others under Jewish standards.

The juices, which are collected by land from different parts of Mexico and distributed through the port of Veracruz, by sea, in isotanks to the USA, where their main destination is the state of Florida."

The CEO of Kronoz Internacional, Alex Lasheras, further explains; "At the moment, the main destination of citrus liquids is the region of Florida since, due to the impact of meteorological phenomena and phytosanitary situations, it is proving impossible for them to count on the raw material of these juices to harvest. The citrus juices exported are basically fresh juice and orange concentrate, Persian lemon and taronja, as well as orange juice concentrate oil. So far, Mexico, Brazil and Florida have been the main producing and leading countries in the transport of juices and citrus juices."

Milestone Logistics was created in 2013 by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the world of logistics and transportation. Their main headquarters are in the city of Valencia with a presence in all the main ports and airports of the country. With the recent creation of its Milestone 360 service, its objective is to offer full logistics services that cover a large part of the supply chain including integrated logistics consulting services, international transport, warehouse logistics and packaging solutions through a single key contact.

Kronoz Internacional are over 15 years old and their 5 Mexican offices are located in Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Merida & Queretaro and their USA offices are in Houston (Texas) and Atlanta (Georgia). Kronoz offers customised solutions to complex international & national, import & export shipping needs.