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A Hands-On Approach to Quality Services at Forte-Link Logistics

1st March 2018

A Hands-On Approach to Quality Services at Forte-Link Logistics
A Hands-On Approach to Quality Services at Forte-Link Logistics

We are pleased to approve Forte-Link Logistics (Pty) Ltd as new members in South Africa. The company is located in Johannesburg and offers full import and export forwarding and clearing services by air, sea and road. Esther Kanono (Managing Director) states they are joining Cargo Connections "... as we would like to be part of a strong network of professional agents with shared values such as great business conduct, clear and transparent communication, shared growth and development and the exchange of good business acumen."

Esther continues; "Forte-Link Logistics is a 100% black female-founded South African logistics company, established in 2014. We provide complete freight service solutions, playing a pivotal role in supply chain management. Our hands-on approach to quality services and solutions is key to our organisation. We keep our eyes open on current and future innovations to improve collections at origins and destination deliveries and we pride ourselves on effective, active and interactive communication with all stakeholders for the benefit of our partners and customers.

Our endeavours are directed towards seizing the trade opportunities across the globe as well as in emerging markets including Africa and South America. We are happy to get out of our comfort zone to offer valuable services and we continually explore the short, medium and long-term horizons for our business which includes exploiting new methods, advanced processes and technologies that add value and readiness to serve future goals with excellence."

The cost-effective, time-saving, innovative and tailored solutions offered by the company for import and export include the following service areas:

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Consolidation
  • Road Freight (including Cross-Border)
  • Rail Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Documentation Handling
  • Clearing
  • Collections & Deliveries

Forte-Link Logistics have the experience and capabilities to show agility in responding to crisis as exampled by the following case study explained by Esther; "We move imported packaging tapes from China on a regular basis for one of our clients in 40' high-cube containers via Durban Port for a final destination in Johannesburg. The consignment is packed loose with 3 different carton sizes in a container to maximize the load and for cost effective purposes. The agreement that our customer had with their nominated warehouse agent was for them to unpack the cartons at the warehouse close to Durban Port within specific timeframes, repack the cartons in pallets, label them and tightly shrink wrap with quality plastic to make it easy to forklift at the destination. This exercise assists our customer in retaining their own warehouse space and labour costs. The pallets are then loaded onto a truck for the final leg to Johannesburg at a distance of around 600km.

Recently we had 3,350 cartons in a 40' high cube from China for this client. It was unloaded at Durban Port and we moved it to the warehouse nominated by the customer. However, there were challenges faced with the warehouse and when our customer contacted us to assist, we immediately responded with a resolution. We found the pallets were packed flimsily and the cartons were falling off which could have been easily avoided and almost cost the customer's business. Subsequently, we offered an experienced packaging specialist to remedy the condition of the packaging - see the gallery below for 'before and after' photos. The cargo was handled and packed with care within a very short period of time in accordance with the customer's instructions. Our speedy response to the crisis led our customer to further develop our mutual trust and confidence. "